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TYPES: Wide/Mid-Width Bench
BENCHES Early in the development of our new USA Sports Renegade Strength bench line, we committed ourselves to designing something original - not some copycat, cookie-cutter piece. It had to be versatile and fully functional, with user-friendly features. It would also have to be specialty fitness quality while still being attractively priced. We are proud to announce, mission accomplished.

The leg extension/leg curl and preacher curl accessories come standard in both wide and mid-width models. Adjustable uprights lock securely in place with a threaded turn knob. The ladder back adjustment allows for quick, easy and safe changing in 5 different positions, from full vertical to decline. It comes complete with convenient bar and preacher curl attachment storage places. A 300 lb. weight capacity makes either model suitable for heavy home use, from the beginner to the more serious lifter.
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Flat/Incline/Decline Bench


Product Dimensions:

Product/Shipping Weight: 32 lbs.

Product Options:

Available In: Charcoal Grey

Product Description: Our versatile, flat to incline-decline economy bench is ideal for upper body dumbbell workouts. Extended foam grips provide stability while performing abdominal exercises and reverse crunches. The ladder adjustment system is designed to deliver results from 5 different positions ranging from flat, to negative /decline, to upright. All Renegade benches come equipped with durably stitched, branded upholstery with ample cushioning to deliver lasting comfort.

If you only have one bench in your fitness arsenal, make it the Renegade Flat / Incline /Decline Bench

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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